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Shellmaster® is the name of a new generation of starchless moulding plants. For the first time, genuine filled hollow shells can be manufactured in a new patented process in addition to single-colour and multi-coloured sweets or filled ‘one shot’ products. The process involves filling shells made from various sugar masses with any fatty or sugar mass. The finished products are automatically turned out and conveyed to a chocolate enrobing machine.   



Fields of application

The Shellmaster® is used to form shells from fondant, caramel, nougat, gum masses or other sugar masses which are then filled with viscous sugar and fatty masses.


Shellmaster<sup>®</sup>Outstanding characteristics of the Shellmaster®

  • by filling the shells up to 50% depending on the mass, even very soft fatty and sugary fillings can be used
  • solid products (nuts, fruit etc.) can be included as is the case with hollow shells made from  chocolate, the filling can be sealed in with a ‘lid’
  • moulds are available in 400, 600 and 800 mm widths
  • output is 20 or 30 moulds per minute, equivalent to 40 - 60 rows per minute
  • For sugar fillings a base or lid of nutty nougat, compound coating or chocolate is recommended.

SOLLICH has the full range of equipment you need

The relevant cooking equipment is available in the range of products supplied by our subsidiary company CHOCOTECH.