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Cutting Systems

Cutting SystemsOur cutting systems have been specially developed to meet the requirements of a modern bar or praline manufacturing line and differ fundamentally from traditional designs.

The characteristic features of our modern design are reliability, ease of cleaning and maintenance, extremely accurate cutting and easy changeover to other product dimensions.




Alternative versions

Cutting SystemsSlitting systems
Slitters are used to cut slabs of praline and slabs used for manufacturing bars. Versions with fixed knives for masses with a high fat content and large circular knives with variable speed (rpm), specially designed for bars made from sugar or cereal masses, are available.




Spreading systemsSpreading systems
Spreaders are used to spread sticky products or to prepare products prior to the chocolate enrobing process.



Guillotine cutters Type SGUGuillotine cutters Type SGU
A guillotine machine with overhead mechanical drive for ease of maintenance and thorough cleaning. Digital cutting length display with cutting length synchronised with the belt speed. Stepless regulation of the knife speed. All products over 30 mm in length are cut on a rotating anvil roller. Short products are cut on a special cutting anvil.



High-performance guillotine Type SGH  High-performance guillotine Type SGH 
The fastest guillotine cutter in the SOLLICH range, capable of up to 800 cuts per minute, specially designed for items over 4 mm long. Can be supplied on request as a double guillotine for cutting on two levels to double output.




High-performance guillotine Type SGS  High-performance guillotine Type SGS   
Ultra-modern cutting technology plus extreme ease of operation. Servo-driven cutting knife and reciprocating knives. Fully computerised control of all movements. Output of up to 160 cuts per minute with reciprocating knives. Depending on length, the product is cut on a reciprocating cutting anvil or on a special anvil roller. 



Ultrasonic cutting systemsUltrasonic cutting systems
For products that are difficult to cut using mechanical knives, e.g. small cakes with fillings. Ultrasonic sonotrodes are available for both the Type SGU guillotine and the servo-driven Type SGS, with knives in the 20 kHz to 40 kHz range available depending on the application. Type SGU can also be supplied with ultrasonic knives.