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Slab Forming


Slab FormingSollich delivers the complete tempering and moulding equipment for the production of single and multi-layer products as e.g. flakes, chocolate thins, layered nougat pralines etc.




Slab forming with the rope former type WETSlab forming with the rope former type WET

The rope former type WET in special execution forms an approx. 0.4 mm chocolate slab which is broken into chocolate flakes after final cooling.




Multi-layer slab forming with the Bucket Sheeter BFMulti-layer slab forming with the Bucket Sheeter BF

The Bucket Sheeter BF  forms approx. 1 - 3 mm thick chocolate slabs as a first layer (or for chocolate thins). On the first layer another layer (or more) can be applied.







  • Longitudinal and vertical cutting systems to cut a 1-3 mm chocolate slab when producing chocolate thins
  • Longitudinal and vertical cutting system to cut multi-layer products with fixed knives for longitudinal cutting and the guillotine type SGU for cross cutting
  • Breaking device for breaking chocolate flakes followed by cross conveyor.