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Chocolate Tanks

Chocolate Tanks Type RTNChocolate tanks from SOLLICH correspond to maximum requirements, with regard to their technical reliability and hygienic standard.  They are jacketed and have electric heating.







Chocolate tanksThe following belongs to the equipment as standard:

  • a slow turning agitator
  • Total tank cover with a hinged lid on one side and a safety switch to stop the agitator if the hinged lid is opened
  • Thermal start-up safety device. The agitator can be switched on only if the contents of the tank is adequately heated. The typs RTN have a semicircular base and allow for total emptying of the tank

The standard tanks bear the model description RTN and are made out of stainless steel (model description RTS) and are suitable for all fat masses (chocolate, filling materials)

Type RTS is suitable for fat masses (chocolate, filling materials, etc.) and also for sugar materials (caramel, fondant, sugar icing).


SOLLICH offers an extensive accessory program for tanks as well, eg,

Block melting devices fitted in the chocolate tank, melting capacity up to 250 kg/h.

Pressure sensor (load cells), used on RTN/RTS tanks, suitable for continuous filling level measurement.

Please contact us for other accessories.