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Pawl Pumps Type SKP

Pawl PumpsSKP 1000 - 25000

The rotary piston pump also called pawl pump has been tried and tested for many years in our enrobers.  This is available as a separate stationary chocolate pump as well.  It was designed in accordance with latest research, in consideration of our many years of experience in the manufacture of pumps.



Pawl PumpsThe benefits:

  • Slow running rotary piston ensures gentle processing of material. Even tempered chocolate can be ideally conveyed.
  • The SKP pumps can convey chocolate material with admixtures of nuts, raisins, etc.
  • The pump capacity is infinitely adjustable in the range from 70-100% rated capacity.
  • High suction power and pressure output characterise these pumps. Fat-free, highly viscous materials can be successfully conveyed as well.
  • The SKP pumps can be opened and cleaned by simply removing the pump cover.