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Chocolate gear pumps

Chocolate gear pumps

More than 50 years experience in the manufacture of chocolate pumps, and the changing characteristics of today's chocolate, have led to the design of these new gear pumps. They are well suited for feeding tempering machines, coaters and storage tanks; they can feed ring mains and can be used for filling and emptying bulk tankers and conches. We have laid emphasis on economy of space and compactness, in its maintenance-free construction. If you do not know the back pressures in your chocolate pipes if you need help in choosing the right pump then please write to us. We have developed a computer program to give you a fast, reliable answer.


Type SPN 200Type SPN 200

Pump types SPN 200 can be supplied for either water or electric heating. All other sizes are available only for hot water heating.




Type SPN 500 G, SPN 750 GType SPN 500 G, SPN 750 G

All SPN pumps are equipped with newly developed mechanical lip seals for up to 8 bar backpressure.




Type SPN 750, SPN 1000/ SPN 1500/ SPN 2000/ SPN 3000Type SPN 750, SPN 1000/ SPN 1500/ SPN 2000/ SPN 3000

All pumps have specially designed pump gear teeth. Their output is very stable even at high back pressures.



Type SPN 4000/ SPN 5000/ SPN 6000/ SPN 8000Type SPN 4000/ SPN 5000/ SPN 6000/ SPN 8000

All pumps have duplex bearings on one hand of the shafts only. The advantage of this is that only one maintenance-free mechanical seal is needed per shaft.