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Additional Equipment

The SOLLICH enrobing lines are characterized by an extensive supplementary program.


Pre-bottoming or pre-coating machine with built-in circulation tempering


Sprinkling equipment

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Depositing and aligning machine type Autoliner®

Autoliner S2 neu

Magazine feeders and depositors for biscuits and wafers

enromat magazinaufleger

Chocopack, automatic product removal and stacking system


Turn conveyor systems

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Product hold down roller or hold down wire belt unit

enromat produktniederhaltewalze

Tempermeter E5 and viscosity meter


Roller curtain trough

enromat walzenueberziehstation


Roller decorators/markers



Biscuit turnover devices

enromat s11


Decormatic® and a variety of other decorating systems

enromat decormativ